Monday, March 24, 2008

Hotspot cools off; Icebox heats up?


The HOTSPOT now becomes an archive! The ICEBOX is launched! Hailstone Haiku Circle's creativity officially moves to the new more versatile site henceforth.
Fresh inspiration and news await you there! Anyone can leave a comment against a particular post or submit a haiku or two on the new Submissions page. If the link in this post has disappeared or doesn't work, try the one in the first comment. If that doesn't work, have a look at the links on the right or just type in 'Hailstone Icebox' into an internet search. You'll find us.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


After all that talk
Of divorcing her husband
(Which we encouraged) -
Now he has granted her wish,
She becomes suicidal.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

With love from a seabird ...

Waking from short sleep:
Patchouli and rosewater
Scent the atmosphere -
Books on healing surround me,
Her name on every cover.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Hatsu Ginko in Gion

Cold, sunny. Snowflakes and ice pellets blow into town from the north. Peter, our host, (left, in kimono) leads us on a stroll through his home patch of Miyagawa-cho. Maikos pass. New Year decorations, still displayed. We pray for the prosperity of Hailstone at the Ebisu Shrine. Mari and Mayumi, also in kimono; Tito, in Korean dress. Our guests from Ireland, Sean (extreme right) and Junko, take in the little alleys of wooden eaves, the dainty willows, many still bearing last year's leaves. We know that in a couple of months they'll be replaced by the viridian leaflets that every year herald Kyoto's cherry-time.

Young men pounding rice
'Call an ambulance'
They joke

Our glee
each time a maiko passes -
scattering snow (Mari)

Longing hot sake

While maiko stroll by
Kites overhead (Peter)

Viewing flying gulls
From a boat-ceilinged room -
A gift of yore (Mayumi)

One hailstone
Melts into
My jotted poem ...
Soon, equally gone. (Tito)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

NOTICE BOARD お知らせ(Feb. 16, Revd)

If you wish to contact us about events, publications and other general matters, please do so through the COMMENTS key below this Board. We will reply to you also through the key.
イベント、出版物、その他に関する一般連絡はこのコラム下のCOMMENTS キーにてお願いします。日本語でも結構です。
HAILSTONES (2001) a haiku chapbook ¥700 (sold out)
LOST HEIAN (2003) a Japan-in-Asia haiku gathering ¥800 (discount price for last copies)
ENHAIKLOPEDIA (2005) a haiku topic anthology, incl. haibun ¥1,000 (discount price)
The MOON and INSECTS (2007) a haiku chapbook ¥500 (edited by JW)
SEASONS OF THE GODS 神々の四季 (2007) ¥1,000 almanac (incl. haibun and illust., just released!)
(RECENT PAST: for event reports, see archive postings)
Sep 13, 2007 Urban Ginko in Tenroku, N. Osaka (KG/HM)
Nov 17/18, 2007 Hailstone Autumn Haike in the Tango Peninsular, Kyoto Pref. (RD)
Nov 25, 2007 Mt. Ogura Is Shedding Tears pt. 10. (Ritsumeikan Univ. Volunteer Centre)
Dec 1, 2007 Takaragaike Ginko & Renku Study Meet (JD)
Dec 20, 2007 Seasons of the Gods Book Launch, by Nomi Jinja, Takatsuki, Osaka (AM)
Jan 13 , 2008 Hatsu Ginko-Rodokukai in Gion, Kyoto (PM)
(FORTHCOMING: for further details, please see separate postings; enquiries through the COMMENTS key, please.)
Haiku sketch walk: Friday, March 7th; 11:00-3pm (in the event of rain, bring rain gear) 
1st rendezvous spot-Eiden Demachiniyagi train station at 10:30am (connected to Keihan Demachiniyagi station in northeast Kyoto)
2nd rendezvous spot-Eiden Ichijoji train station 10:50am (northeast Kyoto)
(If you'd like to join us at any point during the haiku sketch walk let us know.)
Let's tap into our inner senses with a 'haiku sketch walk'. Don't worry, you need not be an artist, or be able to draw well. Just come out for a short walk, allow nature to help you reflect a bit, and sketch whatever impresses you.
We will visit two temple gardens. Forty-five minutes to one hour will be spent at each temple to walk around, reflect, and sketch whatever impresses you. Afterwards, we will have a late lunch around 1:30pm at a nearby soba restaurant. At the restaurant we will share our sketches and try to add complimentary haiku (yours or somebody else's). Bring a small sketch pad or book and a few pencils or your favorite ink pens. Bring temple entance fees: ¥500 for each temple (total:¥1,000) & Bring money for soba if you'd like to eat at the restaurant.
rare snow dayー
old-style haberdashery
on the snowmen //gerald/ (enquiries: Gerald Staggers)

English Haiku Workshops - Hibikiai Forum Spring semester at Friend Peace House just north of Nashinoki Shrine E. of the Gosho in C.Kyoto (2nd Thurs. Apr.-Jun. 18:15) and Senri Yomiuri Culture Center’s Eigo de Haiku in N.Osaka (4th Thurs. Jan.-Dec. 18:00, enquiries: Nitta 06-6833-5031). Lecturer: Stephen Gill.
Correction- in the anthology, “SEASONS OF THE GODS”, Poem 1/p. 6; the translated Japanese should be written and read as 新年のうるはしき夜明けの使者なるや/天馬空駆く蹄の音す(shin-nen no/uruwashiki yoake no/shisha naru ya/tenba kuu kaku/hizume no oto su).
Enquiries, also possible through the COMMENTS key below! If you don't leave your email, we will reply through the COMMENTS key, too.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Seasons of the Gods

Hailstone Haiku Circle's latest collection is now out: Seasons of the Gods.1,000, ¥210 (postage stamps to add for despatch in Japan), 98 haiku poems, 96 pages, 84 poem commentaries, 40 contributors, US$ 12 (airmail postage paid), 8 b/w illustrations, 5 sections (New Year, Spring delivers, Summer fulfills, Autumn detaches, Winter distills), 4 haibun, 2 linked verses, 1 fold-out cover by Richard Steiner, 1 afterword (Haiku, Shinto & Japan's Natural World) by Toji Kamata, and a partridge in a pear tree! Just in time for Christmas. Place your orders with Mari Kawaguchi. Discount package available for contributors. Outside enquiries via the comments button below. Please leave your email address for reply.

The Book Launch Party, held on 20 Dec. beside Nomi Jinja in Takatsuki, was attended by eighteen poets, amongst whom we were especially pleased to see Judy Dale, who had just flown in for a few days from Canada (leaning on the table).

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Maiko evening fragment

The turquoise kimono
Madame chose for you today:
In my butterfly dream
It holds you tight.

(Tito, for Gion no Ichiwaka, 15.12.07)